Color me dumb but I’ve been using an Apple TV for what, a year or more? I got one from the first batch that shipped in overnight from China (sorry, no frying eggs here, mine is cool to the touch) and I just love it for playing back Podcast’s, my video’s and an occasional TV download from iTunes. What I hate about it is the hideous remote control that it (and apparently some number of other Apple products) comes with. This remote needs a pounding with “big red hammer”. Why I am dumb is because I never did more than think about getting another remote.



The good news is that my wife bought me a new remote control for my birthday – actually I expect it was more for her than me – she hates the remote control clutter that fills the end of the couch. This remote allows the Apple TV to be controlled with the proper buttons! Yea.


Big red hammer:


New Remote:

Now if only I could get Podcast’s to play back using the video controller layout …

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